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Failure Analysis Of Retrieved Cemented Total Knee Prosthesis

Clinical Materials, 1989

Author: Thomas L. Halvorson, Stephen D. Cook, Mark R. Brinker, Kevin A. Thomas, and Patricia M. Sandborn

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Failure in total knee arthroplasty has been studied extensively, Aseptic loosening of the tibial component has been the most common cause of failure. Progressive component loosening may lead to malalignment, instability and pain. Loss of normal prosthetic alignment results in component overload with subsequent deformation of tone or of the component itself. It has been suggested that deformation of polyethylene articular surfaces may contribute to failure and the need for surgical revision. l~l4 Hood et al.' studied articular surface wear patterns in 48 total knee arthroplasties and found significantly greater...

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Source: Clinical Materials  

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