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Management of Falls After Total Knee Arthroplasty

Orthopedics, Vol 31, No.3, March 2008

Author: Richard J. Kearns,MD, Mark R. Brinker,MD and Daniel P. O'Connor, PhD

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This study evaluated 78 patients who fell after total knee arthroplasty. Eight patients (10.3%) had soft-tissue injuries that led to a poor clinical course (deep infection, unplanned return to the operating room, temporary or permanent resection arthroplasty, or knee arthrodesis).
Factors related to a poor clinical course included copious bleeding from the surgical wound immediately after falling, falling within 8 weeks of arthroplasty, and rupturing the parapatellar surgical wound and quadriceps repair. Patients who fall and have bleeding from their surgical wound should receive emergency surgical irrigation and debridement. A treatment protocol for patients who fall after total knee arthroplasty is presented.

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Source: Orthopedics, Vol 31, No.3, March 2008  

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